Only for my master- short story

And after a long time, I’m going to post the newest short story I have “Only for my master”.

I wrote it a while ago for a blog game. The game was on the Italian platform Libero, but I wrote the original in English first. Usually these games require a a certain length or a certain number of words but I knew I was going to chop it down. I usually write a lot more!

So you judge it! It is as usual in “Short Stories”

Happy reading!

The golden ornament- short story

This week I’ll publish again in “Short Story” page.

This is the second short story I wrote for the short story workshop in Kerry. It was my homework  and inspired to “The Overcoat” by Gogol.

I decided to set it in Japan, firstly because I love Japan and secondly because the part of Gogol’s story which impressed me most was the supernatural one at the end. So I thought that the supernatural would be perfect in Kyoto.

Marian and Grace- Short Story

This week post is in the short story page! Marian and Grace is the piece I sent to Listowel before I attended the workshop because I was asked to send a sample of my writing in advance.

I’ve been thinking about this idea for long, and maybe in the future I could put it in a novel! Who knows!

If you have any comment or suggestion write them here please! I hope you enjoy it!

Ghost trick-short story

This week post is “Ghost trick” in “Short Stories” page of this blog.

It is something I wrote few months ago.

I work in a bar similar to the one described in the piece and it was an awful day. The weather was exactly the one I described in the story and it gave me the inspiration.

This is one of the first pieces I wrote in English so if you find any error please contact me. Every comment is welcome!