This is my decision. For this year I’ll record every single book I’ll read.

Every technical book about writing I’ve read so far says that it is essential for a writer or aspiring writer read a lot.

Besides, many of them say that they should read more than they write. I agree with that because I’ve realized that since I started to read more my level of English is improved a bit.

As soon as I can I’ll bring some of the hundreds volumes I left in my old room here to Ireland. So I can read in Italian too, because I’m quite forgetting my own language sometimes.

What is sure is that, at the moment, I’m reading only in English because I decided that if I know the language I’ll read the books in the original. This will help me to improve my level of language and to appreciate them better.

For example, let’s consider The Lord of the Rings. I’m aware that is an endless book and more than one gave up in reading it, but I can assure you that in English it is really much better. Ok, if you don’t like fantasy as a genre or the story itself or really detailed descriptions, I guess you won’t like it anyway, but I’m pretty sure when I tell you that the style itself is better than in the Italian translation. At the very beginning it seems a fairy tale that becomes more complicated and darker as the story goes by.

Coming back to my blog, you’ll notice that the first book reviews will be just children books. Why? Because many of that books I was mentioning before say that you should write what you like, but also something you have a good background on.

So, I have to tell that I’ve always loved everything that was fantasy and for children, but what I don’t have is the real basis. I’m learning now that abroad there are more children books and that to them are dedicated loads of structures, that let them read if they want to.

Besides, I have in my mind a huge project about children stories and a book, so I need to read to learn more on the style, vocabulary and create a good background.

When I was young I read The Little Prince, the classic fairy tales and also Salgari, an Italian writer.

Growing up I read the book for my studies and for my personal pleasure.

I’ve always loved read, but to be honest I’ve never read so many children books like I’m doing now! And, even if on a certain point of view I feel too old to read this kind of book, on the other hand it’s a good quality literature. So I was left behind and I want to catch up!

Here and, as far as I know, in all the other countries than Italy there is a huge choice for a kid, not only depending on the age but also in the genre.

For the moment I’m borrowing books from the library. Every single time that I go there I have to enter in the children library which is inside the adult one. Everything is children size and it is there that the little ones can stay and drawing read or study. I haven’t ever seen something like that before. A girl that works with me said that once a week in the library they’re doing a lecture section as well, unbelievable!

The books, like in the adult section, are divided in fantasy, adventure, classics and so on. The same happens in the book shops and I say ALL the book shops, even the smallest. It never happened to me to see something like that.

But I’ve already sorted this out. Every single time I’ll finish a book I’ll do a short review and I hope that children or their parents who’ll happen to read these pages will be curious to read the books as well.

I have to thank for this my dear friend Christina, who had the delicacy and diplomacy to drag me in the library and introduce me to all the children books that will follow. In my wallet I have a list of writers she wrote for me “that’s just as a start!” she said with a smile.

Of course in the meantime I’ll review other books, considering that I cannot possibly read one at a time. I hope to meet the taste of everybody!

Besides, the number of book regarding a genre will vary depending on what I’m writing at the moment.

Anyway what I can say is read! Read! Read! It always helps, like Roald Dahl would have confirmed! And you’ll hear often about him!

Talk to you later!