Hi there!


My name is Francesca but everybody call me Franny! I’m Italian and I live in Dublin with my partner and my daughter! Hence the name of this blog! I’ve been working for the past seven and half years in a museum/visitor experience or whatever they want to call that place but I’m about to change job, so stay tuned!


I’m an aspiring writer, and that is my real dream and priority! I write every time I have a minute free, it doesn’t matter what! And when I become a mum, my spare time reduced dramatically.

Since lately I discovered I love doodling, I decided to recycle one of my old blogs! You’ll find here the funniest (I hope), the most lunatic and the most human part of me!

I’m not an illustrator and I’m not good in drawing but I want to express myself in a different way! And let me mention I’ll mostly take picture of my doodles and I’ll share the ones I’ll create with kids’ apps! I need to relax putting colors on paper.

I’ll leave the old posts as well so you can have a sample of my early writing but the new blog will be just mess, let’s put it plain as it is!

However, if you want to read what I write you can find me here as well!



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