Zeitgeist:moving forward

As I promised you recently I’m going to link you the video Zeitgeist: moving forward.

Before I do so I want just to point out a thing.

Listen to their words carefully and mostly try to understand that racism, hatred and ignorance don’t bring us anywhere.

We should know what is right and what is wrong, we should stop to hate each other and we should stop with all these differences and mostly we should love our planet most.

As Jacque Fresco says: “This shit’s got to go!”

Our world

We should love our world.

Sunday I went to the worldwide release of this documentary: Zeitgeist moving forward. It was amazing. I agree 100% with what they say and I hope that sooner or later everybody will understand that we need to change.

I’ll tell you when the whole documentary will be available on-line. It should be in a few days.

If you’re interested, there are two documentaries preceding this one.

and then the Addendum

If you want to understand more about the Venus Project then I suggest you to watch Future by design.

And this is the website.

As you may notice I didn’t explain anything about that. Firstly because the immages are clear enough and secondly because I don’t want to influence anybody with my point of view. I think you can understand alone!