Arilla chapter3. Part2

This week I’ll post the second part of the third chapter.

I hope you’re enjoying the reading.

Feel free to leave here a comment, whether  you like it or not. All the comment will be more than welcome!

And happy reading!

Arilla chapter3 part1

I hope you missed me because I’m back!

I’m going to upload the fist part of Arilla’s 3rd chapter on “Arilla” page of the blog!

My time off was great, I really enjoyed it, and I found out that I love boats! Not a real news, actually, but a confirm!

And now happy reading!

Arilla. Chapter2

Here we are again everybody!

This week I have a good news for you and a bad news! The good news is that I’m going to upload the second chapter in Arilla page!

The bad news, if you are following me constantly, is that I’m going on holiday on Monday for two weeks, so I’ll post the next chapter when I’ll be back in Dublin!

If you really miss me and my writing you’ll probably find some nice post or nonsense talk here!