NaNoWriMo Update 2

And I’m writing on my blog one week after to tell you my progress.

First of all, the word count at the moment amounts to 20.168, which, according to the stats on the web site, will allow me to finish in time for the 30th of November! I hope so, therefore you just keep your fingers crossed for me…your toes and whatever is crossable!!!

Although I should be on diet the level of sugar, chocolate in particular, to taste immediately after savoury, is hugely increased. All that along with the consume of coffee, my loyal friend of university time. Seriously I’m just missing cheese flavoured chips and my sweet friend Anna and it would be the very same!

The only huge difference is that while I’m doing that I’m moving house, and for all the people who wants to know, no I’m not there yet, it’s freezing, I’m still waiting for my heating working!!! And, of course how do not consider my full time job. I hope my colleagues will excuse me if I’m a bit more weird than usual, but I’m proud to say that at least a good 60% of them are giving to me their full support!

And speaking of which exactly yesterday Dee told me that mine is now an addiction to writing! Maybe she’s right but just to have a little confirmation I had a dream last night at the end of which I saw a white wolf looking at me with his blue eyes! (Now, I don’t know if wolves have blue eyes or not, but that’s that!)

I went on the dream dictionary online once I got up and I got this explanation:

To see a wolf in your dream, symbolizes survival, beauty, solitude, mystery, self-confidence and pride. (Well…not really!) You are able to keep your composure in a variety of social circumstances and blend into any situation with ease and grace. (I won’t say that, to be honest, I’m the clumsiest person in the world!) Negatively, the wolf represents hostility, aggression, or sneakiness. It may reflect an uncontrollable situation or an all-consuming force in your life. (Consuming force…I can count at least three, so what!?) This could point to an obsession, an addiction or something that is beyond your control. (Oh dear, I suppose Dee was right then!)

To see a white wolf in your dream (here he is!) signifies valour and victory. You have the ability to see the light even in your darkest hours. (What to say on this, I desperately hope they’re right!)”

Now, I’m aware that at least the half of you is trying to get the point of the whole business here, but you won’t because this post has no sense at all and maybe I’m really getting creasy!!!

You’re not envying my partner at all at the moment, right?!!

So happy reading and writing to all!!!

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