Mickey Mouse and Co.

After the latest happenings I think it’s right to show you a post I wrote a few months ago! I’ll keep for me the comment people wrote about it for obvious reasons!

Today has been another day that you’d rather dump in the farest bin!

How’s possible working in a place where two or three buffoons rule the entire world. Do you know what? On a certain point of view they’re helping me: I’ve never had so much self-confidence, but I start thinking that I’m not so bad! Even if the little squirrel inside my brain the most of the time is in hangover (at least he drinks) I can still think more that these people all together!

And you know another thing? I’m pretty sure that someone loyal to the dark empire, would report this post to the dark emperor, but I don’t care! Number one because it means that they fear the truth so much that they simply have you to shut up and number two because I want really having a fun in watching which is their limit! I mean, apparently you’re not able anymore to do whatever you please in your time off, but they should understand that the “7 years apprenticeship” thing is not valid anymore, we’re in 2010, you know?

So let me tell what I think!

I’ve always thought that you needed a degree to run a place like a tourist attraction, but apparently you don’t need one.

If it’s like that, I think that from tomorrow I’ll look for a place as a manager in another area.

I saw a few of the big bosses today coming in and I thought that all the hiring problem is explained.

Maybe they are managers in training but I wonder who took on bord Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Minnie Mouse in the higher ranks.

Well, if the aim was to make people laugh is fine, but if it was to improve the image of the company probably they should think twice before they accept Goofy too!

Let’s be serious, in my workplace people who work hard can be counted on the fingers of ONE hand, and if you consider that we’re more than 50, just in my area, probably there is something that doesn’t work!

Anyway there is no way to speak with them because apparently Peter Pan and Cinderella decided that it is more important to help the three pigs getting rid of the bad wolf instead of helping the poor 7 dwarfs in the collapsing mine!

But I’m a writer and I will write!

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