Big News!

Hi everybody, I’m here just a little bit earlier than you expected. I’m coming with good news! Remember when I told you I was thinking about some changes for my blog!? Right, I’ m going to start at this very minute. What I thought to do, in fact, was to put together my old blog, which is this one, and my nonsense blog, which I opened a few months ago. I tried to keep them separated but after a wile I noticed that the ”serious one” was a bit too serious and poor in contents. Now reading again what I wrote in my old page ‘Who’s Franny’. It says ”I’m a writer, and that is my real dream and priority! I write every time I have a minute free, it doesn’t matter what! My only problem is that I was taking too seriously the matter forgetting the nice and funny side of it, and this is “inconceivable”, if you let me quote! This is why I opened this blog. You’ll find here the funniest (I hope), the most lunatic and the most human part of me!” I even quote myself, so you understand why I tried to keep away from your sight these kinds of posts! So, all the posts like this one will be tagged in ‘Nonsense’. In this way you’ll be warned!!!! I’ m going to copy a few of the nonsense posts over here and the comments in the first comment, be patient! The good news, for who enjoy this side of me, is that I’ll update this blog a little more often! On the no side I have to apologise to my readers because those posts will be less grammatically correct than the other ones. But that’s me, and I hope you’ll enjoy it anyway!

2 thoughts on “Big News!

  1. So glad you decided to combine your blogs, that’s great! 🙂
    It’s always lovely to read someone for all they are, even when in a hurry, when not proofreading or just talking nonsense 😉

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