Update n°4

Hi everybody,

After two pieces of prose I’ll tell you something different again! But no worries, you’ll have loads of stuff written by me on these pages in the next weeks so don’t despair!!!

Few weeks ago I was having breakfast with my partner and I was talking about writing. He said “No, don’t  become a dark gloomy hunchback!” and I assured him that not everybody ends up like Leopardi.

“Ah and don’t become mad and dandy!” and I assured him that not everybody ends up like D’Annunzio.

The following question was “Are you sure you want to write? I don’t want you to become a mad person!” I answered to this that yes, I wanted to write and become a full time writer but that for the mad problem it was already too late!

The very same day I was having a look at one writers social network. In the forum there was a post where there were written some famous writers’ habits.

I thought then that I could tell in this piece what is my personal method.

To be honest I haven’t a particular one but I also think that my perseverance and my efforts should be rewarded mentioning what I do every day.

I usually don’t think I’m doing something really special but my friends and my boyfriend think so. Therefore I’ll write it down and ask you what you think about that.

At the moment I’m not a full time writer, I’m not even a part time writer…I’m more of a “I write when I manage to find time” writer.

I have my day job in a touristic attraction and my evening job which is, like every woman, my partner, our home and our dinner!

The moments that are left to write are the lunch break, one hour in the evening (when I’m not dead after my day at work!) and my days off. To give you an idea I’m writing this post’s draft  in the GP waiting room!

What I know is that I don’t want to give up and stop! This time it would be entirely my fault and I wouldn’t forgive myself if I did!

It is said that you were born alone and you die alone. It’s actually also true that to be a writer means being alone too! Even if you have friends and you enjoy staying with them it doesn’t matter. Once you’re sat at your desk you’re alone!

As I said, I haven’t much time to write, so the few minutes  I have for my lunch break are spent in writing, reading, editing and so on!

This means that I’m not going to our workplace canteen with my colleagues anymore, so I’m getting rid of one of the few occasions to show myself less asocial in the eyes of  the people whom I work with! But it’s ok, this is my dream and this is worth the sacrifice. I usually write for 30 minutes in total while I’m eating. That’s why my production is not so wide anyway!

When I go back home and during my days off, if I’m not collapsing because of  the fatigue, I keep writing. Well, not for all the time because I want to dedicate some time to my partner too.

Another niche I’m managing to cut for myself lately is in the morning. My partner usually takes from half an hour to an hour to wake up snoozing the alarm. I realized that sacrificing a few of my neurons I can write a good half an hour while preparing breakfast that takes just a few minutes anyway. And that’s how I’m writing my new book. This seems to be working for some reason because I’ve already written down ten pages in just a few days. So I think I’ll keep going!

Unfortunately or not, it depends on the point of view, I’m the kind of person who wants to do loads of things together. I’m a bit disappointed form the reality that tells me that I cannot. But still sometimes I try to go beyond.

What is for sure is that writing and my partner are my priorities so I’ll do my best to keep at least these two!!!

Keep your fingers crossed for me!

Talk to you later!

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