Update n°1

I’ll write “update” as tag and title to all my post concerning writing! In these kinds of posts I’ll tell you what I’m doing or simply what I feel writing something. Of course I’ll use the first one as introduction!

If I decided to open this blog and one in Italian, well actually two because I wasn’t able to delete the old one and have a website as well is because I need to show you my works, my thoughts.

I love writing and I put in a little bit of myself every single time I place words in row.

Once I was told that reading my short story is just like speaking with me! For me it was a huge compliment! Although I’m not completely aware of it, it means that every single time I’m putting a bit of myself in my works.

Or that could mean I’m writing in a too much colloquial way and I need to improve my technique! Well I’ll bet that! I’ve just started to write anyway!

This is my first post about writing and me as a writer so I’ll tell you more about that.

I’ve always loved reading. I started with fairy tales of course, like everybody. Soon I found out Emilio Salgari’s books that brought me in to the Malaysian world full of pirates, gentlemen, villains and princesses.

I really loved those books and I’m seriously thinking about reading them once again as soon as I have the chance.

After that I kept reading and I always read as many book as I can even if it is a single line every time I open them.

As I mentioned before, when I was 8 I started to write a story about an archaeologist. It was about a pyramid impossible to open, if I’m not mistaken. The only thing I remember well of those 10/15 pages is the vivid sweating face of him drinking ice tea sat at his desk and trying to solve a riddle. I stopped trying to invent one and after that I had the bad idea to ask for feedback and as you know I didn’t receive much encouragement from my family, even if they didn’t read it at all.

I’ve already mentioned what happened next so I won’t repeat it here for it wasn’t really important as a period.

It was just pretty dark with some ideas swirling round my mind but with no strength or no time or no knowledge of how to put them in practice.

But, as you know, when I started to work where I’m working now I met my guru, who is also my best friend and brother, to whom I really owe a lot! He taught me how to embrace my dreams and love my ideas and what I’m doing. He keeps teaching me after two and half years and I guess he’ll do that for more years to come because you’ll never finish learning, really.

I’ll be never grateful enough to him for that!

The really nice and exciting thing is that I cannot stop writing anymore. Every day I have to put something on paper. Could be even a sketch but if I don’t write at least a little my hands start shaking and I feel really uncomfortable.

What I’ve written so far are some short stories and a book in Italian, which I’ll translate for you as soon as I can.

After that I decided to write in English but whatever language I’ll use I decided I’ll translate into the other. I know that this will drain my energy, in particular during the summer (that is the busiest period in work) but I’ll try to update the blog regularly.

Of course there’ll be some slight differences between the posts because I’ll edit them separately, so if you speak both languages you can check them anyway.

To be honest, I would like to translate it in Spanish and Japanese too, but it’s maybe asking too much from myself right now. I’ll stick with these two languages for the moment!

The reason why I write in English, because I know you want to ask me this question (everybody does), is not only my personal need to complicate my life every time I can, but also a challenge.

Well, at least first of all, a challenge to prove to myself I can do this.

Secondly, but not less important, I want to be published but only if I deserve it. Considering that Italy at the moment is a place where rarely you get something if you deserve it, but it’s just a ‘I pay more SO I deserve it’ place, I prefer to write in English and have more chances to understand if I’m worth it or not.

Maybe I’m not but I won’t stop writing just for this because as I told you, I love doing it and I cannot stop!

I think that’s it for the moment.

Talk to you later!

How this blog works

After I told you more or less who I am (I’m sure you’ll know me better post by post) I’ ll tell you how to read this blog.

I know that a web site is better and tidier, but I’m sick and tired of lazy hackers who have nothing better to do than hack mine. Last time, the fourth in few months, was just few days ago.

I’ve always used a blog before, even if not in this serious way, and nothing had ever happened.

For this reason, little by little I’ll put tags which recall the old website sections.

I’m not hundred per cent sure I’ll get rid of the website anyway. I like it very much and my friend Dap was really good in doing it. It’s just the net is a sick place. On a certain point of view I really prefer books and paper to this huge amount of  bytes but we’re in a modern era and apparently you’re left behind if you’re not their slave!

Returning to my blog, you’ll find normal blog entries and short stories.  Besides there will be reviews, cooking, music and so on and the monster factory sections.

Inside reviews you’ll have books and films reviews. As I told you before everything is experience for me and could switch on the special switch in my brain and give me the idea.

Likewise the others sections, of course, but they are written more to let people know me better as a person, and why not, maybe let me know better myself too!

In cooking there’ll be everything about food. Food is my passion and cooking too. I love cooking especially for others. Cooking for someone means taking care of that person. I also love going out with my friends and finding new restaurant, so you’ll see something about that too!

About music. I love listening to music. My taste varies depending on my mood. I have music for when I’m happy, sad, angry or nostalgic. I guess like the majority of the people of the world! I just have few favourites, but the rest depends on the song and what the songs tell me every time.

What is the monster factory!? I’ll enclose some cameos written or drown by me (I’m using paint and not really well, so just enjoy the sketches!) when something nice happens at work. Dealing with people is not easy, so I would say that customer service jobs are quite difficult, but if you get tourists….well they’re the worst, because they’re on holiday and they want to have a fun. It DOESN’T matter if they have to walk or dance on your corpse! Now considering that we have to smile like stupid monkeys (and I hope that monkeys don’t get offended for this!) whatever happens at least when I’ll go home the nicest will end up here on my pages! Of course the real show doesn’t start till the summer, the high season, so just be patient!

The last one I’m telling you about is basically the reason why I’m doing all this. I’ll put in short stories all the short stories or part of the longer works, but I’ll tell you something about that in the next post, that’s why it is at the end. I’ll tell you what I’ve done so far and what I’m up to now. Being the most important thing, it needs space! Of course there’ll be some tags for the generic blog entries,with funny name sometimes, maybe without any logic…but I just love them!

So, talk to you later.

That’s me!

Hi all!

I think that the first post I write in this blog requires an introduction of the writer.

My name is Francesca, I’m Italian and I live in Dublin with my partner.

The reason I’m opening this blog is the same that woke me up after 28 years of lethargy: I finally know “what I want to do once I’m an adult!”, I want to be a writer.

I’ve always loved reading. I began with fairy tales and TheLlittle Prince, like loads of other children. And since then I’ve just kept doing it.

When I was 8 I started to write a story about an archaeologist, maybe Indiana Jones and the temple of doom had its influence, but I didn’t receive any support at all, so I dropped it there.  I convinced myself that probably my parents were right and it was just a waste of time.

I was asked to invent nice riddles for birthdays/Christmas and co. Cards, which seemed a bit ironic for me.

When I was in high school I didn’t find a warm and welcoming environment, so, after few years wasted in attempting to please the others, I returned to my ideas and live in my little fantasy world! I tried to put them down as comics but I made another mistake, because my skill in drawing had never been very good, so I didn’t continue on that either.

The only positive side of the matter was that I didn’t abandon my ideas that time. They kept swirling round and round inside my brain for years.

Once I finished in university I decided to move here to Dublin to improve  my English.

And right here I had my enlightenment, thanks to a dear friend of mine, who taught me how important dreams are and how to take care of them.

I therefore began to listen to my dreams, my ideas and put them on paper.

Up to this point  I had written some short stories and a book in Italian. The latter is about pirates, one of my favourite topics, I’ll tell you in one of my next posts why.

Now is time to change language! I’m trying to write in English at the moment. I’ll tell you the reason in one of the next posts too.

In fact the aim of this blog is to help  you to know me better and, to improve my skill in writing.

I want to write this blog like a journal and I’ll try to do that at least once a week.

It is going to record my personal journey to become what I want to be, a writer.

This is why I will write about me, about the book I read, mainly, or the movie I watch or the experiences I have.

I want to give an idea of me as a person with weak and strong sides included.

Besides, everything gives me inspiration to write. Every experience I have is important for me, so I believe it’s important to record it.

Well, talk to you later!